Mrs. Kerala – A Beauty Pageant for Married Women of Kerala Origin
Kerala is the only state identified as God’s own country in the Indian Territory; it has witnessed great changes in all spheres and has undergone a revolutionary makeover. Yes, now Kerala is very popular amongst all Indian states and a fast emerging hotspot in the southern end of India. This time Kerala is ready to walk the ramp with married women of Kerala origin on December 2017 under the title of Mrs. Kerala. Surely, this beauty pageant is turning to be a remarkable milestone in the history of Kerala’s entertainment industry. Mrs. Kerala is solely crafted for married women of Kerala or Kerala origin, irrespective of their professions.
A number of hurdles will be placed on their way to esteem and glory in the form of various intellectual, beauty and fashion oriented rounds to measure and evaluate them based on their simplicity, beauty, articulation, grace, pleasantness, likableness, cheerfulness, elegance and fineness. Married women are a segment, deprived of mainstream activities whereas unmarried women enjoy a hundred platforms to demonstrate their talents and skills. Mrs. Kerala will definitely turn to be a breathing space for many married women to have a try and function as a boost to their doused hopes to make them resurrect from their sacrifices.
This beauty pageant will undoubtedly leave a new impression upon the contemporary outlook of Kerala and will be executed and marketed in the whole Asian continent by Espanio Events India Pvt Ltd., a brand in showbiz.